Modern Computational Science - Summer School

Modern Computational Science 2011 - Registration


All applicants have to complete the registration form (see below), which includes a questionnaire about their previous knowledge and fields of interest. (If you are from outside university, please contact the organizers for the fee and further details.) University students have three registration options:

  1. Application for a grant. Since the number of grants is limited, you are asked to write an application letter stating why you are interested in attending the School, and to enclose additional material (certificates, transcript of records, and at least one letter of recommendation). The successful candidates will have to pay a small fee of 100 EUR which includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner (buffet), bus pass for public transit, and course material. Unsuccessful candidates are given the opportunity to pay the reduced or full fee (see below), provided there are still places available at that time. Note, however, that there is no guarantee whatsoever on the availability of such free places. Experience shows that all places are filled after the application deadline and the awarding of the grants, and opportunities may only arise if participants have to cancel their registrations unexpectedly.
    Students from abroad who obtain a grant will receive a travel allowance. The amount of travel expenses that will be refunded depends on your point of departure and can be checked here (in German only, the first column, "Spalte 1", is relevant).

    Grants are primarily intended for Bachelor, Master and Diploma students, who usually do not have other means of funding. Ph.D. students may apply as well, but will only receive a grant if there are not enough qualified applicants from the former groups.

    For students from the University of Oldenburg, a limited number of special grants is available. Please indicate grant + Uni Oldenburg in the registration form, Section 3, if you want to apply for such a grant. Applicants have to supply the same material as all other students except for the recommendation letter, which is optional. Recipients of these grants, which include dinner and course material but no accommodation and bus pass, do not have to pay any fee.
  2. Immediate registration by paying a reduced fee of 250 EUR, which includes dinner, bus pass for public transit, and course material. In that case, you will have to take care of accommodation yourself. Participation is only guaranteed until places are filled (you will, of course, get refunded should there be no places left).
  3. Immediate registration by paying the full fee of 650 EUR, which includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, bus pass for public transit, and course material. Participation is only guaranteed until places are filled (you will, of course, get refunded should there be no places left).

The accommodation for all participants (except those paying the reduced fee and organising accommodation themselves) will be in a 3-star hotel Accommodation includes 12 nights (first night is from Sunday, August 14 to Monday, August 15). Note that we cannot pay additional nights for you. If you arrive before Sunday, August 14, or want to stay longer than Friday, August 26, you will have to make your own arrangements.

Single room option

Accommodation is usually in double rooms. However, you can apply for a single room for an additional fee of 200 EUR (independent of your registration option, i.e. whether you apply for a grant or choose to pay the "full fee"). Note that the number of single rooms is limited, and places will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please check the corresponding field on the registration form if you would like to have a single room and agree to pay the additional fee.

Important remark for all foreign students

It is strongly recommended that you inform yourself about potential visa requirements well ahead of time (even if you apply for a grant and do not yet know if your application will be successful). Please contact the German Embassy in your country or check out their website. Experience shows that it may take the Embassy several weeks to issue a visa. We can send you a formal invitation letter if needed.

For details about the grant application procedure, required documents, payment, etc., please download the registration form:

The deadline for all applications is

June 1, 2011.

Notifications about the success of the applications for a grant will be sent out until

June 15, 2011.

Students selecting options 2) or 3) should pay the fee immediately after submitting their registration (participation will only be confirmed after the money is received). For all others (applicants receiving a grant, or those that did not obtain a grant but wish to pay the reduced or full fee, provided there are free places left) the fee is due by

July 1, 2011.