Modern Computational Science - Summer School

Modern Computational Science 2011 (August 15-26, Oldenburg, Germany)

3rd International Summer School on


Simulation of Extreme Events

August 15-26, 2011, Oldenburg, Germany

Funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD),

the Federal Foreign Office, and the EWE Foundation

+++ Aug 26, 2011: Summer School is over +++ CONGRATULATIONS to all Participants, Lecturers, and the Helpers/Organizational Staff +++
Organizers: Prof. Dr. Alexander K. Hartmann, Dr. Reinhard Leidl, University of Oldenburg


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Despite their ever-growing importance in many areas of pure and applied science, computational methods are not always adequately reflected in the curricula of many programs at Universities. The present Summer School aims to improve on this situation by providing an introduction to basic concepts and techniques of Scientific Computing (e.g., algorithms, advanced programming, data analysis, numerical methods, and Monte Carlo simulations).

The second, equally important goal of the School is to give participants an idea of a current area of research where state-of-the-art computational methods play a prominent role, i.e., the Simulation of Extreme Events. Renowned experts in the field will talk about their specific area of expertise, but also present more general overviews of some of the topics discussed in the lectures.

Finally, participants will have a chance to strengthen their knowledge in hands-on computer practicals that complement the lectures.

The Summer School addresses students (from advanced undergraduate level onwards) of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and related fields. The School is also open to applicants from industry. All participants should have at least a little experience with one higher programming language, like C/C++ or Fortran.

Participants who attended all lectures and tutorials can earn up to 4 ECTS credit points and will be handed out a certicificate at the end of the School.

You may want to take a look at our photos from last year's Summer School.

We would also like to draw your attention to the book
which covers some of the topics that will be dealt with during the first week. Participants will be given a free copy of the book.

Moreover, each participant will receive a volume of Lecture Notes (edited by R. Leidl and A.K. Hartmann).


The first week will be mainly devoted to the Fundamentals. Lectures on the overall theme of the Summer School, i.e., the Simulation of Extreme Events, will be presented in the second week.

  • Fundamentals: advanced programming, software engineering, rare-event theory, data analysis, Monte Carlo simulations
  • Rare-event methods: stochastic differential equations, large deviations, random matrices, maximum likelihood
  • Socio-economic and natural systems: extreme weather and stock-market events, simulation of crowd and traffic desasters
  • Biomolecules: transition path sampling, extreme polymer configurations, sampling of extreme sequence alignments


External Lecturers:

Lecturers from the University of Oldenburg: