Modern Computational Science - Summer School

MCS12: Lecture Materials

Here you will find material that the lecturers provide for your convenience (slides of the classes, supplementary material relevant to the different topics of the Summer School, etc). This area is expected to grow continuously before, during and (maybe) even after the School. All downloads are password-protected (except for the material provided by Oliver Melchert). The password will be given to all participants of the Summer School in due time.

Material that may be useful in order to prepare yourself for the Summer School

  • All participants are advised to read and (work over) the script

    which is an excerpt from the book A Practical Guide to Computer Simulations by A.K. Hartmann. It is expected that each participant has a basic working knowledge of the C programming language, which is required to follow the hands-on tutorials in the PC labs. Every participant will obtain a free copy of the book upon registration, thus there is no need to bring this C course for the Summer School.
  • Elementary introduction into the Unix/Linux OS:

    Learning the UNIX Operating System by Jerry Peek, Grace Todino, and John Strang.

    It is recommended that participants take a look at this book before the School starts, in particular if they are not very familiar with the Unix/Linux OS.

Fundamentals of Scientific Computing and Numerical Optimization

Advanced Optimization Methods

Special Topics (Applications of Optimization in Various Fields of Science)